Eric Snaell

"Producing is more difficult then consuming, but more rewarding in the long run."

Eric Snaell is a full-time banker and a part-time entrepreneur. As the host of the Fit Businessman film series, he inspires desk workers to live healthier worldwide. He is an online and on-sight coach, public speaker, and advocate of the Explosive Mode training principles, which encourage training variety through speed and strength exercises. He continues to compete in multiple track and field events and does occasional fitness photo shoots for fun. He resides in the heart of Europe with wife and two daughters.

Author's books

The Fit Businessman


Most health and fitness books are written by fitness professionals. This one is written by a banker.

Noticing his waistline growing with his work responsibilities, Eric Snaell set out to change his life. After piles of research and pancakes, he finally found the key nutrition and training principles to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Now, in one essential treasure map, Snaell reveals how to set up easy meals and hard training sessions, presenting all you need to know to keep building muscle and loosing fat, whether you’re changing your kids’ diapers or working late hours in the office.

The Fit Businessman offers practical advice on how to structure a yearly training plan, how to stick to a diet despite business dinners, and how to use sport supplements for improved performance and recovery.

Fun and informative, pleasantly realistic, The Fit Businessman is the definitive training and nutrition guide from Europe’s fittest banker.

ISBN 978-2-9199507-2-0 (Hard cover edition)